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Estuary Tour
In this tour, you will take a small bote to explore the mangrove and estuary of Tamarindo. You will see, if they want, some monkeys, birds, and crocodile, Yes they are here.

Best time is for the sunset ( all birds are coming back) or at low tide (more easy to see crocodile).

Comments : Great tour for all the family

2 hours

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Turtle Nesting (Depending on Season)
Discover the Giant Leatherback turtle Nesting from November to February

A nocturnal adventure takes you into the Baula National Park to witness one of the few remaining nesting grounds for the Giant Leatherback Sea Turtles. This tour is educational as well as adventurous. The tour includes professional multi-lingual guides from the national park, a video show, refreshments and transportation.

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