NOTICE:  There are many scam artists who prey on innocent people trying to  book vacation rentals.  If you have any concerns regarding potential scam vacation rental advertising associated with the Langosta Beach Club, please contact us directly at Thank you.


  • The Langosta Beach Club is situated on the road between Tamarindo and Langosta right on the beach
  • Langosta Beach Club is on Tamarindo Beach on the road to Langosta across the street from the Ibis condominiums. You can access it via the beach.
  • Located 45 minutes South of Liberia International Airport and within 40 yards of the Langosta Beach Club and the nicest beach in the Tamarindo / Langosta area.

The Langosta Beach Club is located on the ocean and is much more than just a restaurant.  It is a meeting place for people from all over the world to dine, grab a quick delicious lunch, sample fine wines, relax and enjoy diverse music, or peruse works from local artists. The Langosta Beach Club features a cosmopolitan and uniquely French approach to service, quality and style while catering to all walks of life. The Langosta Beach Club is perfect for the individual diner, group celebration, corporate getaway/ conference, or destination wedding.

Set in a tropical paradise, under the swaying Tamarindo trees in beautiful Playa Langosta, the Langosta Beach Club is impeccably landscaped and designed with comfort and privacy in mind.  Reminding us of the true pleasures life has to offer.

At the Langosta Beach Club we look forward to welcoming you, your family, and guests to our piece of tropical paradise.